Friday, 19 March 2010

Jimena primary school boy accused of sexual assault on schoolmate

A student at Colegio Aljibe (photo), in Los Ángeles, is accused of sexual assault on a fellow student, according to EuropaSur. Very few details have emerged about the incident, which allegedly happened last Wednesday. The victim was taken to La Línea Hospital and the alleged perpetrator appears before the Youth Court this morning, where statements will be taken from all parties concerned. Apparently, both boys are the same age but the school authorities would not reveal any further details, referring all enquiries to the provincial Department of Education. The newspaper tried to contact that department without success. A spokesperson for the parents' association of the school said they had no official notification of the matter and were awaiting a call from the school authorities to discuss it. Neither the Guardia Civil nor the Local Police took any part in the incident.

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