Friday, 19 March 2010

Castellar-Sotogrande road 'will take two months to repair'

The Provincial Delegate for Public Works, Pablo Lorenzo (l. in photo) yesterday visited the 'hole in the road' on the Arenillas road (A-2100), which has been closed since February. Accompanied by Mayor Francisco Vaca, Lorenzo said that work began soon after the subsidence caused by bad weather (estimate €350,000) but reconstruction of a tube under the road has been needed. The tube, dating from the 1960s was made of corrugated iron and is to be replaced by one made of concrete. Work is expected to take another two months to complete, according to Lorenzo. The Mayor and the Delegate also visited the industrial estate, where flooding occurred several times during winter storms. Lorenzo repeated his promise that the under-road water courses on the A-405 will be widened, without specifying when.

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