Wednesday, 31 March 2010

24-hour train strike today

We might not have noticed it at the local level, as the Algceiras-Ronda line is not due to re-open until April 23, but there is a national train strike on right now.  (Yes, in Spain, not only in the UK.) The union puts the compliance figure at between 75 and 80%, while ADIF, the rail managing company, and RENFE, the national railway operator, says it's at 3.5%. The unions complain that the companies 'have not respected the beginning of the strike' because they allowed 'forbidden traffic' of cargo trains. The companies say that the union calling the walkout, CGT (Confederación General de Trabajadores), is in the minority as it only has one representative on the negotiation board. Other unions, such as UGT  (union General de Trabajadores) and CC.OO. (Comisiones Obreras) have not come out on strike. For further information on train schedules: or on the phone at 902 320 32.

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