Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Jimena's 10th International Music Festival cancelled

(Press release) Mayor Pascual Collado has announced that this year's International Music Festival, originally scheduled for July 8 to 10, has been cancelled. The reason, according to Collado, is the lack of support from public agencies and private sponsors, due to severe cutbacks. He and other members of the Council have been trying their best to find sponsors for what would have been the 10th edition of the Festival, without success. "It means that the Council would have to pay for everything and that would not be financially nor ethically correct," says the Mayor, who added that the Festival is therefore postponed to 2011, "if circumstances allow."

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sue said...

Maybe if the Town Hall had´nt spent so much money turning the gardens at the bottom of my road into a concrete eyesore,there would´ve been some cash left for a music festival.....not suprised this has happened.It was only a matter of time!