Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Jimena's 25th annual Tree Day coming up next weekend

The 25th annual Día del Árbol (Tree Day ) organized by Agaden, takes place this year on Sunday, January 24th. The gathering place is at the main square (El Paseo or Plaza de la Constitución, same thing) at 10.30, from where we head out to the right side of the canal by the Hozgarganta river to Finca Chinchilla to plant trees. We are reminded to bring our own tools, for both planting and eating, as there is a paella at about 3pm. To quote the letter we got: from Agaden "Chorizos for barbecueing are welcome and wine for joy - the rest is up to us." It's a great day out in the fresh air while doing our environment a good turn. Prepare to get down and dirty for a good cause.

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