Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Jimena school raising funds for Haiti

(Press release) The education community at the Reina de los Ángeles primary school in nJimena announces a campaign they have titled 'One child, One euro'. The idea is for each child at the school to bring in at least one euro by 2pm next Thursday 21st. Help is also being asked from teachers, parents and residents in general ,to whom a minimum donation of €10 has been suggested and who may make their donation at the Secretary's office. In the words of Head Juan Rondón, "If we're teaching values such as solidarity and cooperation among peoples, we can hardly remain on the sidelines of a catastrophe that has affected so many children." Over half the population of Haiti is/was under 18. The receipt for the funds raised at the school will be on the notice board as soon as the money has been deposited. (If you are unable to donate at the school, please click on the Help Haiti Now! button on the sidebar to find a list of banks where you can make one.)

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