Friday, 25 December 2009

They should be thanked and congratulated

We had an e-mail this morning from our firefighting friend 'fedebombero' (a.k.a. Fede Jiménez), who, having worked hard all day, takes the trouble to tell us what he and his brave companions had been doing yesterday (they are in the background in Anna Breeker's photo - translation of his e-mail below: fascinating reading). He also thanks the Local Police and the Guardia Civil for their help in rescuing several people during yesterday's heavy storm. We at JimenaPulse are certain you would join us in offering our thanks and congratulations to them all. (See also our item on the dramatic event of an injured man rescued from the forest)>
Approx 10am -
  • A man is trapped in his car on the bridge at Barca Moreno. On arrival the man is outside his vehicle and safe.
  • While attending to the above, a 112 call tells us two people are on top of their car, also in the area, and close to San Pablo, and it is being dragged away by the current. To arrive as quickly as possible at this scene, we have to drive around obstructions and take alternative roads, as the water has cutt off any short cuts. On arrival, and in order to make visual contact, we have to drive to where the water reaches half way up the truck. A couple aged between 60 and 70 have climbed onto a stone wall, are sopping wet and very cold. They are surrounded by very fast flowing water. In order to reach them our rescue team have to put on their Neoprene suits; tethered, one man jumps into the water and after several intents, finally reaches the couple, who are secured onto a winch system and brought to safety.
Approx 3.30pm -
  • A call comes in about a couple and a small child are are trapped by the Guadiaro river, in the Barca Moreno area on the way to La Herradura. We try to gain access over the bridge at Venta La Fuente, but it's impossible: the current is too strong. With help from the Local Police we find a way in on the Arroyo Las Gallinas track. Six people were brought to safety in this operation, transported through flooded fields and delivered safely home on the trucks and by a Land Rover from the Junta Municipal de Distrito de San Pablo
Approx 8pm -
  • Another call comes in: two more people trapped by the river in  their car, also in the Sambana area.
At eleven o'clock at night, we are still carrying out some operations. To cover thesm all seven men off duty and three more trucks had to be called in during the day.

Protección Civil and the emergency services of Jimena advise that in these storms, stay away from rivers. If you have to rubberneck, stay on high ground, do not approach the water and do not try to cross through difficult terrain. You are putting your life and other's in danger. In case of emergency, call 112.

Fede's e-mail adds, rather plaintively: I was unable to get any phtotos as we were a bit too busy. (Really?)


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