Thursday, 19 November 2009

Planet 51, the American movie Made in Spain

The only reason we've put this up is because Planet 51, launched worldwide tomorrow at a cinema near you, is directed by a Spaniard (Jorge Blanco), co-directed by two more (Javier Abad and Marcos Martínez) and co-produced by another (Ignacio Pérez Dolcet). They lead a team consisting mainly of Spaniards working in Spain, though the voices are dubbed by American actors and the script was written by an American. Why do we remark on it? Because>
we're tired of hearing so many complaints about how badly things are here compared to 'there', wherever that may be. Because comparisons are odious. Because we're very happy to live here rather than 'there', wherever that may be, for all the faults we may have here, which no doubt exist 'there', wherever that may be, perhaps in different ways. Because the Spanish animated film industry is ahead of almost every 'there', wherever that may be. And because it looks like a fun film to take the kids to, even if it is dubbed into Spanish here, not 'there'. So there.

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