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People you should know: Jimena Councillors

(Image: Council website) This item has been updated since it first appeared on August 13, 2007. We all know who the Mayor of Jimena is, don't we? But do you know who the rest of the Councillors are? Or what party they belong to, or how much they earn? Below we offer a list, and photos, of each of the Executive Council, i.e. the ones who run the place. In brackets you will see how much they earned in August 2007 (it might have gone up since then).>

Pascual Collado Saraiba, MAYOR (Alcalde-Presidente, or Mayor-President)
Mayoralty, Town Planning, Treasury (€38,719.94 per annum)

Mercedes Segovia Gómez, 1st VICE-MAYOR
Social Services, Women, Infants, Citizen Participation, Immigrants, Presidency and Education. (€27,217. 40)

Fernando Gómez García, 2nd VICE-MAYOR
Services, Public Works, Sports, Promotion, Employment, Local Development and Markets. Also Vice-President of Mancomunidad de Municipios, from where he earns a salary (unavailable).

Andrés Beffa García, 3rd VICE MAYOR
Security, Civil Protection and Human Resources. District Mayor of San Pablo de Buceite. Also President of the Consorcio de Bomberos del Campo de Gibraltar, where he is believed to earn a salary of around €60,000 per year.

Noelia Gómez García, 4th VICE MAYOR
Environment, Street Cleaning, Agriculture and New Energies. (Previously: Mushroom Market, Street Cleaning, Environmental Workshops, Natural Resources, Agriculture and New Energies) (€24,417,40)

Jesús Rodríguez Quirós
Popular Festivities, Special Delegate for matters regarding Guadalinfo, Computer Rooms, Municipal Policy Projects on Youth, Education and New Technologies, Financial and Fiscal Rationalization. (€24,417,40)
J.J.RondónJuan José Rondón Morales
Special Delegate for Cultural Events Programming, Management of Municipal Tourist Office, Libraries and Local Media. Management of Cultural Buildings, Musical Events and Cultural Workshops. (Part-time salary of around €16,000)

The following are also Councillors, who receive €108, 18 per Plenary Session, and €12,02 per Information Session:

Partido Andalucista: José Antonio Castilla Navarro, Juan Antonio Vázquez Jiménez, Rosario Porras Alarcón
Partido Popular: Sandra Gallego Domínguez, Guillermo Ruiz, Ruiz, Cristóbal Lirios García

1. Although it can be said that a good proportion of the inhabitants of Jimena are related to each other, however distantly, you will notice a proliferation of the surname Gómez. This is actually a very common name in Spain -as is García, another prominent name in the above list- and does not necessarily imply any relationship.
2. We apologize to Councillor Juan José Rondón Morales for a rather unflattering photograph. The fact is that we stole it from TioJimeno because we didn't have a better one, either. We will have to ask him to pose for one, maybe even wearing a tie, which might be difficult.
3. The above list is of six Councillors plus the Mayor. Seven is the PSOE majority on the Council, out of a total of 13 Councillors. If the population of the municipality grows beyond 10,000 (which at the last census appeared to have happened, but then decreased again thanks to many foreigners returning to their home countries), the number of Councillors increases, we believe, to 17.
4. With a governing body of only seven, the question arises as to why it is necessary to have four Vice-Mayors, all of whom receive a higher salary than a mere councillor (particularly in view of the Council's present financial circumstances, which amount to penury). A Vice-Mayor, or Teniente de Alcalde, is empowered to take over from the Mayor in his absence, and can sign documents in the Mayor's name. There are several legal rigmaroles attached to the previous sentence, but they are of a confusing nature and we are not enamoured of legal disentanglements, so please bare with us if we don't attempt the task.

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