Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mayor Collado supports 'Sierra Aljibe' parents' protest

In a statement issued yesterday Jimena Mayor Pascual Collado is supporting the media campaign launched by the parents association of CEIP Siarra Aljibe in Estación (see below). He points out that he has personally requested solutions to the problems at the school, both as Mayor and in his previous post as Councillor for Education. He has contacted the previous Provincial Delegate for Education, Mr. Brenes, and his successor, Ms. Alcántara, on numerous occasions, demanding that the school be brought up to standard with the rest of the municipality and the region. Indeed, Collado points out, computers were received earlier this year, but, having expected new ones, he was surprised to find they were used, whereupon he ordered them re-packaged and stored ready to send back to the provincial Education Delegation.>
While the Mayor understands that a certain margin must be given to the new Delegate, Ms. Alcántara, he also understands that the patience of parents, teachers and students at the school has a limit. He held a meeting in early September with Alcántara to tell her about the many deficiencies that needed an immediate solution. Collado goes on to state that he trusts the Delegate's management abilities and goodwill, "but we need facts."

Collado points out that the Council has used the PlanE employment scheme, as well as municipal workers to carry out maintenance and cleaning, as well as improving some aspects of the deficiencies such as a new wall, a sports facility next door and other items. He says that the Council is presently studying the possibility of including more items in next year's PlanE that might serve as support to what the Provincial Delegation must carry out.

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Thanks very much for covering in detail what is happening at our school in Estacion. Its good to know that action is being taken and supported. Jan