Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Parents of CEIP Sierra Aljibe in Estación protest about conditions at the school

(Press release) The parents association of the Aljibe school in Estación have been forced to start a media campaign to protest against the lack of facilities at the school, which have existed for years. They have held meetings with and sent letters to the appropriate authorities with no result other than further delays. The parents are demanding solutions to several promises made, including an IT room, computers (there are only 4 for 200 students), a dining room, proper PE facilities, as well as infant's classrooms that, claim the parents, do not meet minimum requirements at present. Administration is run by a single person working only two days a week.>

The school population has grown exponentially over the last 15 years but the facilities have by no means kept pace. Despite the efforts of the teaching staff, who often have to double up classes when there is an absence, the parents insist that quality of education is not guaranteed and they are appealing the Education authorities to take the necessary steps to avoid the children's discrimination in a right as fundamental as education.

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