Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Jimena Council to reduce Councillors salaries by 15%

(TioJimeno and other sources) Mayor Pascual Collado (photo) announced last summer that he would be putting into place a 'financial clean-up' at the Town Hall. Among other measures, he would lower some of the Councillors' salaries. At a meeting yesterday, Collado said he would propose, at the next Information Meeting of the Council on Thursday and to be approved at the next Plenary Session, a general reduction of 15% for all Councillors and what are known as puestos de confianza, loosely translated as 'trustees'. The savings would be placed in a fund to complement the village's Social Services, its domestic help to the elderly in particular. However, we have seen the agendas for the Information Meetings and there is no sign of such a proposal, unless the plan is to make it under Any Other Business... (See what the Councillors earn here.)

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