Sunday, 8 November 2009

'Collect some mushrooms, collect some rubbish'

That is the slogan being used for an excellent campaign organized by Agaden, the environmental group, who presented it at a meeting at Los Alcornocales campsite yesterday morning. With the annual Mycology Workshops approaching on the weekend of November 27 to 29 (see programme here), the idea is that anyone going out to gather mushrooms during the season, should also bring back any rubbish they may find. For that purpose, the organizers of the campaign handed out bio-degradable bags, t-shirts for volunteers, cotton talegas (bread bags, usually, but very useful to take out to the country) and various other promotional material. Agaden plans to make a similar presentation of the campaign as part of this year's Mycology Workshops. We have to say that Agaden is doing excellent work this year, but needs the cooperation of all of us: 'the environment is everything and everyone'.

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