Thursday, 15 October 2009

What are we doing here?

The headline is not an existentialist question way beyond our pet chimp, but a very practical one. We received this by e-mail: "I think probably you’ve not received many comments because we’re all a bit confused and waiting to see what’s going on! I’ve got both ‘The Pulse’ and ‘Jimena Pulse’ in my favourites list and have been flicking between them to see which you are posting on. I like the look of The Pulse and thought maybe you had launched it to widen your net – both of articles and advertising income? Are you planning on running two sites or is one of them going to be shut down? I’ve had problems navigating the new Jimena Pulse site – it was impossible to go back for a while - but it seems to work now. I guess that’s all part of your ongoing tweaking. Will we be able to access all the information and articles from the old Jimena Pulse eventually? Good luck with the site / sites and thanks very much for all your hard work." We answered as follows:>
Thank you very much for your excellent questions. We would like to use them to explain what's going, but need to ask: when you say 'thePulse', you mean the 'intermediate' site (, right? Actually, if you look at the URL (above your toolbar) for either site you'll see that both are 'jimenapulse', one on Wordpress, this one on Blogspot. We call those our 'servers', though they have another more jargony word. In other words, both are JimenaPulse no matter what the heading says - it's just a matter of design.

We liked the design, too, up to a point, but our monkey lost track of his objective: we want this to be more like a magazine rather than a newspaper - and we had several readers saying they were having trouble reading it as the font ('print') size was too small. Our aim, then, was to open the design up, which we believe has been achieved. There are several more things to go on the sidebar, but we have to re-size everything that was on the earlier version and that takes time.
You're quite right that we intend to expand, particularly commercially, and have therefore created yet another site, also called thePulse but on a different server, which is under heavy tweaking right now and is as yet unlaunched. More about that in due course, however.
As to running two sites simultaneously: No, we have stopped new posts on the above ('intermediate') site. Ideally, we'd like to transfer most of what has been published there onto this new one, but it is unbelievably time consuming as it has to be done via Copy&Paste, article by article. You might imagine that doing that for almost 5,000 articles is, well, impossible. Still, it's a chance to do a lot of culling. In the meantime, yes, you can access everything on the 'intermediate' site, which will be staying up for a long while yet. We've brought over some articles already, which you can access via the Older posts link at the bottom of the page.

We think the navigation problems you mention are solved - we hope so, anyway. Also, we will soon be back to normal on most of our popular features, such as Readers' Choice, Sunday Laughs, The Jobs Board, etc. We lost some of the pages on which some had been published previously. Something always gets lost in a move, doesn't it?
Thanks, too, for your kind words and we apologise for any confusion, frustration or inconvenience. We hope this may have cleared things up a lñittle. If not, please use the comments feature at the bottom of this item.

Prospero and the monkey


dvd said...

I know you are working hard, but any help I can give dont heitate to ask.

PROSPERO said...

(By e-mail)Hey Prosp

I confess to being confused too (not difficult). The new Jimena site looks good (except for the dreadful monkey) and good luck with the Campo one, let’s hope that one will be a bit more lucrative!!

How to make comments is a pain though. Looks like the same as Ricardo has and I never make comments on that anymore because I once signed up to the Google thing, then couldn’t remember my login details………………….

Anyway, just to let you know that I’m not ignoring you deliberately!

Hey, Cap!!

The monkey is my mate, assistant and alter ego, so I won't hear a word against him (wait, it might be a she!!)

You don't have to sign up for Google at all, at all. All you need to do is put your name in the box by Name/URL but you don't have to fill in the URL box, which is optional. Then read the squiggly word (you can change that, too, if it's impossible to read by clicking on the wheelchair figure - why a wheelchair, I don't know but admit to not liking its implication). The word is squiggly because computers can't read it and it avoids spam, which I was constantly having to get rid of before.

We, the monkey and I, had several comments in this morning, from people who followed the instructions, so I'm putting (part of) your question and (part of) our answer up as a comment.

Thanks for letting me know that you're not just ignoring me. I confess I was feeling neglected...

PROSPERO said...

Thanks for that, dvd!