Friday, 16 October 2009

Jimena Mayor calls for participation in his 'Ask the Mayor' initiative

(Press release) The Council's website (, La Novena local TV station, the Guadalinfo computer centre and the blogs TioJimeno Digital, SPB Noticias, JimenaPulse and Noticias de Tesorillo y Secadero are all taking part in a 'macro-interview' with Mayor Pascual Collado. The initiative, called Preguntas para el Alcalde ('Ask the Mayor'), is intended to put together questions or needed information from the inhabitants of the entire municipality, which Collado will answer. He has asked for the cooperation of the more active websites and blogs in the area. The deadline to receive these questions is set for October 29. (Note: JimenaPulse's is at noon on the 28th, for translation purposes. Please see a previous item here and THE RULES here.) To take part, please click on the button on the sidebar.>>>>>

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