Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sods get laid on Avenida de los Deportes

Members of the Jimena Histórica Employment Scheme were this morning laying new sods of grass on the distinctly bare patches along the pavement opposite the municipal swimming pool on Avenida de los Deportes. According to Councillor Fernando Gómez, "Little by little we are making use of the resources as they become available, this time making improvements to this avenue, which is fast becoming the town's shopping centre." This work may or may not be influenced by a reader's complaint on TioJimeno about the look of that area. In any case, it is being done just in time to be watered by the expected rain. Let's hope the new grass is respected by animals and, particularly, humans alike. (Note: We apologise for the headline, we just couldn't help it.)

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