Thursday, 22 October 2009

It was a meteor after all

We stand corrected about the Green Flash item we posted yesterday morning, and we therefore owe our correspondent, Wendy, and our readers an apology. Here are two comments we lifted from that item: "(By e-mail) There was a shooting star/asteroid whatever over Jimena this morning. I arrived in the village around 8.20 and in the sky there was a fast moving bright light which seemed to burst - was heavy cloud cover. By the time I got to outside La Cuadra a group of three people were busy discussing what it was," which is confirmed by CraftyPip. "We are at present passing through the wake of Haley´s comet and tonight is supposed to be the best to see meteor showers starting about 1am." We also got an e-mail from Wendy: "Having looked at 'Causes of colour' it wasn't like that at all, it was an object travelling through the sky that seemed to burn out. Having spoken to a few people today, someone else said he had also seen a green coloured meteor, so I think that's what it was.Wendy. PS sorry I can't spell Tesorillo." (Photo of an Orenoid, credited)

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