Thursday, 22 October 2009

Horse fans' weekend starts tonight

(Press release) The Peña Caballista 'El Estribo', with the cooperation of Jimena Council, is holding a series of workshops on horse care this weekend, October 22 to 24.Two conferences are planned, plus a ride out into the countryside as an 'end of party'. The programme: Thursday, October 22, 10pm, (Reina Sofía Cultural Centre, Los Ángeles) Conference by veterinarian Carlos Campayo Pérez, of Jimena, on laminitis, an inflamation of the foot that can be very painful; Friday, October 23, 8pm, (Reina Sofía Cultural Centre, Los Ángeles), Conference by veterinarian Carlos Delgado Aparain on equine feeding, nutrition and and the prevention of cholic; Saturday, October 24, morning, Ride starting at the sports pavilion, ending at Las Viñas. A good opportunity for members and visitors to meet and share experiences with friends with a common interest.

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