Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fiona's having another one!

Gotcha there, didn't we? No, Fiona's not having another baby (she isn't, is she?). Instead -no, maybe not instead- she's organizing another grand horse event, which proved so successful last year. Her inimitably Spanglish poster, which you've seen all over town, invites us all to attend on Sunday, November 1 'at 12 noon sharp!', with or without a horse, down at her Finca Román. Prospero has been cajoled into trying to get the races organized, ostensibly because he has a loud voice. However, he is desperately trying  to find someone to lend him a megaphone. Please, if you can lend one for the day, get in touch with us so he won't be horse by the evening. If he is, he will have to write in whispers - come to think of it, there may be those who wouldn't mind that. If you want to take part, or need some more information about the event, call 658 470 524 or 628 349 388.Pencil this one into your diary, folks!

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