Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter processions and parking restrictions in Jimena

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JIMENA You may have come across La Borriquita last Sunday, Palm Sunday. The processsion was to commemorate the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem on a donkey - a favourite of children during Semana Santa (Holy Week). On Maundy Thursday, out comes El Cristo Atado a la Columna (Christ Tied to the Column)  and on Good Friday it is El Santo Entierro (The Holy Burial). The processional route is likely to be similar if not the same as for La Borriquita: down hill via Santa Ana, Sevilla, Plaza Constitución (El Paeo, main square), Jincaleta and Barrera, to end up at the parish Church in San Francisco ( It must be said that a new association in Jimena called Amigos de la Semana Santa (Friends of Holy Week) has made it possible to add these last two after many years of either total absence of Holy Week processions in the village, or the single procession of La Borriquita on Palm Sunday. It can take years to fan the flames of faith in such a place as this, but they have done it in less, though not without enormous effort. (Parking restrictions will apply throughout, see below)>>>
Parking restrictions for Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 April are as follows: Llano de la Victoria, Santa Ana (towards Sevilla) , Fuente Nueva (from Santa Ana to Sevilla), Sevilla, Plaza Constitución (El Paseo, main square), Larga, Jincaleta, Barrera. To quote the Local Police: "We request the cooperation of all users and apologies for the inconvenience."
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