Thursday, 15 March 2012

Update on Triguera Negra, or Piptatherum coerulescens?

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Further to our article on that poisonous grass, one reader sent in a link to a site that appears to give its Latin name: Piptatherum coerulescens. We can't confirm this as yet and need your help. The image on the left shows the seed heads and, below is another one that illustrates our doubts since it shows it growing out of a rock. Is this the same grass? The indications from where we got the images, are that it also grows on grassland. If anyone can confirm that this is the right one, we would be grateful.>>>

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Tanya said...

Don't think this is it, had the canal sur tv crew at my house this morning making a piece for the tv news on this poisonous grass, this is getting very serious around here.