Saturday, 10 March 2012

This movie was written in Jimena

Dead Man Running, a cult hit in the UK directed and written (with John Luton) by Alex De Rakoff, and starring Danny Dyer, the rapper 50 Cent and Tamer Hassan, was written in Jimena, we discovered the other day. Alex, who lives in Los Angeles and is the son of a well known resident of the village, also wrote and directed Need for Speed (The Run), the 18th in the Need for Speed car racing game franchise, one of the most popular in the world (He didn't write this one in Jimena, though). We wonder if anyone noticed this guy at the corner bar or at Bar España a good couple of years ago, concentrating on his laptop while Spanish noise surrounded him. Amazing feat, though we're told he could concentrate because he had very little Spanish, so there was no language impingement. Here is what Hello and Company says about him:>>>
Alex de Rakoff is a multi award winning music video and feature film director having has worked with many artists including: The Rolling Stones, Madonna, 50 Cent, NERD, Dido and Kelly Clarkson. He wrote and directed the feature film The Calcium Kid starring Orlando Bloom for Working Title Film, and more recently cult UK gangster flick Dead Man Running starring Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Alex is also a working writer in the Hollywood Studio system have developed and scribed scripts Have Gun Will Travel for Eminen at Paramount and Breaking News for Joel Schunmaker at Paramount Vantage. Most recently Alex has branched out into the brave new world of gaming. He developed the characters/story for 4MM Games short film and most recently wrote and directed the latest Need For Speed Franchise driving game Electronic Arts.
As we said when asking Alex for confirmation of this story, "Let's face it, not a lot happens here of what might be called a global nature." So we're very pleased to say that although we live in the boondocks, there are people around us all the time with some very interesting stories to tell. (If you hear of any, please let us know: as long as it's connected to the Campo de Gibraltar and can be confirmed.)

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