Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Chinese Night at the Oba

JIMENA A gleat menu for a gleat Chinese Night at Oba Bar & More. It's on Saturday, March 24 (this next one, people!) from 8pm onwards. The price is excellent at €15 per person (See the full three-course menu below) but Simon would like us to pre-purchase tickets at the bar in good time - not an unreasonable request when they have to go all the way to the Gleat Wall to buy the ingredients! Enjoy!

Prawn Crackers
Chicken and sweet corn soup
Vegetable spring rolls 
Prawn and sesame toast

Main Course
Sweet and sour prawns
Beef chow mein
Lemon chicken
Stir fried pork tenderloin in plum sauce
Vegetable chop suey served with egg noodles  
or egg fried rice

Fruit salad served with cream, ice cream 
or Chocolate dip

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