Friday, 24 February 2012

School's out until Thursday!

In the teachers' union's inimitable fashion, they have managed once more to get away with a very long puente (bridge: long weekend). Because Tuesday happens to be Día de Andalucía, and Monday, by sheer coincidence no doubt, is officially Education Community Day (Día de la Comunidad Educativa), they are also taking Leap Day, Wednesday February 29, off as well. Five consecutive days off without a thought for anyone else but themselves. No thought for parents, that's certain: if Mom or Dad or both are lucky enough to be working, how can they take time off to take care of the kids in the present unemployment climate? If they're not working, a day or three with either or both parents would probably do the children quite a lot of good ... but that can be a big if. (Tell us what you think: click on 'comments' below)

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