Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tomorrow: 'dragging the cans'

(Image: TioJimeno)
One of the traditions in Jimena (and other places) is the arrastre de latas, which translates approximately to 'dragging the cans'. The idea is to make sure The Three Kings (Reyes) become aware that in this little village there are a whole lot of children waiting for presents from them. This year's is the eighth edition of a continuous event that in fact was commonplace many years ago here and elsewhere. If you take your child (they're usually over it by age ten) be sure to tie some tin cans on a long piece of string or they will feel left out. Here are some samples of the kind of thing we mean, from a slide show from 2009 - it's fun and very noisy! Oh, and it all starts at 11am from Llano de la Victoria and 'parades' down to the main square, El Paseo. See you there!

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