Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The REAL question

As all of Alberto's Spanish Conversation students will tell you, there are two ways to say 'TO BE' in Spanish. They will also tell you that they are having fun while learning, that it is doing them good, that they knew a lot more Spanish than they thought, that they are getting more comfortable as they come along, that ... well, ask them, they'll tell you (probably tell you things they won't tell Alberto, too!) And, if you call him on 685 298 820, Alberto will tell you that he has a couple of slots for you to slip into, no matter what level you are. All of it for only €10 for an hour and a half of Spanish per week. A good deal? A GREAT deal! (You can put your hand down now, Myrtle, the word is not grande for great, it is buenísimo in this context. And no, I don't know why a table is feminine - I've looked, but I can't see.)

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CraftyPip said...

The gender applied to objects in Spanish is completely arbitrary. There is nothing at all that indicates why it is classified as either gender. The best I was given was "Porque es así" and that was from a Spanish teacher a couple of years ago. We grow up learning from our elders and that is how it is.