Tuesday, 4 October 2011

OktoberBierFest at Jimera de Libar, been and gone

(Photo: secretandalucia.com)
JIMERA DE LIBAR (By Wendy Tong) Saturday brought us that day of the year again when the beer lovers of Jimena over-crowd the lunchtime train to Jimera de Libar in search of good beer and music at the OktoberBierFest. This year Bar Alliolli did not disappoint, and hopefully bar owner Paul and his wife Synnøve were not disappointed either by the large crowd alighting the train! The promised 'micro-brewery' DID appear and there were good ales to be drunk (the ones with the daft names...) I believed some person, who I won't name, managed to sample nearly all of them....>>>
Stalls were set up around the bar with lots of veggie options, like samosas, if you didn't fancy a beef burger. 'Thrify Malone' gave us some good Irish tunes with a bit of folk (and not a lot of rock - the rock musician son of Paul-the-glass-blower is at college at the moment) and 'Neon Leon' (definitely wins best hair award) reggae-ed it all up a bit. What happened after the 4.45 train departed is unknown but rock-a-billy with 'The Beerbellys'  was on the program and I am sure they rocked on until much later.

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