Sunday, 6 March 2011

We missed our fourth birthday!

We're so busy finding new stuff to put up here, yesterday went by in the eyelid of a bat. It was our fourth birthday! JimenaPulse's very first post was on March 5th, 2007, at 15:48 and was titled Walking Along the River and contained some very nice pictures that are no longer there. We were hosted by Wordpress at the time (and JimenaPulse is still there, if you care to look) but we moved to our present home a couple of years ago. If you have the time and inclination, have a look at how we used to be. Although we changed our look several times, we have tried to keep the site interesting and consistent (of course, we're always open to suggestions, too). For ourselves, we can only thank the many thousands of visitors we have had since then and hope we can continue to offer you, Dear Reader, what you need from us.

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