Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Large truck gets stuck on Marchenilla road

JIMENA/Marchenilla (Source: www.buceite.com) A trailer truck carrying 40 tons of oranges from the Cooperative in San Pablo, got stuck on the road to Marchenilla in the early hours of Saturday. Driven by a Bulgarian, it had left San Pablo towards Tesorillo via the CA-8200 road -in theory closed to traffic because of rain damage- but on arrrival at Tesorillo found that it had to go through the village. It happens that Carnival was on, and the Local Police advised the driver to turn back and take the A-405 through Marchenilla. With a complicated manouevre, he turned around and took the advice. Of course, he did'nt know the state of that road (did the police?), which has been in a dreadful state of disrepair for years and is rarely used other than by knowledgeable local drivers with appropriate vehicles. The truck eventually got stuck and stayed there the rest of the night until a crane was brought in to remove it (photo). The trouble is that, aside from the state of the CA-8200, which is worsened daily, lorries are not allowed on it and are often fined. However, this is the only reasonable way for the oranges collected at the San Pablo Cooperativa to reach market.

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