Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Still offline but doing some necessary gardening...

Sorry to report that we are still offline because another phone bill caught up with the first one! We will remain so until we are able to sell some more ads or we get some more donations in. In fact, we have had a few very kind donations, for which many thanks indeed to the donors (you know who you are, no need to blush...). It isn't difficult to make a donation using PayPal, the safest way online (see the sidebar). However, there is a collection tin at Henrietta's and there soon will be at Oba (Simon permitting). In the meantime, we will attempt to keep as up to date as possible using other people's facilities. Hazards of a hazardous business... If you're following our Start from the Beginning Spanish pronunciation feature, don't despair: go back to the beginning and practice while we play catch up. Also, check our UpComing Events calendar on the sidebar for things coming up this month, it's updated regularly.

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