Friday, 12 November 2010

Reader's Choice will be back as from this Saturday!

(Prospero to monkeys: Tomorrow is Saturday! How you gonna do that? Monkeys to Prospero: Easy, boss! We just go out there and ask our Dear Readers to send in stuff!) One of this site's favourite features has been missing for a while. Reader's Choice is what our readers send in. Usually, it's a YouTube clip or a link to one, of a favourite piece of music. Sometimes it's just a mention of a favourite comedian, or whatever. If you type in readers choice in the Search field at the top of the sidebar, you'll get the idea. But we'll get the ball rolling: What was the first record, album, CD or vynil, you ever bought? Please send in as many details as you can and we'll try to find it. Go on, let's have some fun! (The image shows Prospero's first LP)(Prosp to bleedin' monkeys: That dates me!! Bleedin' monkeys to Prosp: You asked for it, Boss!)

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