Monday, 8 November 2010

Go back - start at the beginning!

Gif Created on Make A GifJust as we are in the middle of our Start at the Beginning pronunciation series on CampoPulse, the Spanish guardian of all written Spanish, the Real Academia, goes and changes things. Those of our readers who are following the series -and there are some 67 regulars out there, plus another 50 or so who are less so, but are following it anyway- will be pleased to hear that those double/single letters CH and LL are no longer part of the Spanish alphabet. But we won't take them out of the series, as they are still pronounced the same way when combined though no longer classified as a single letter. There are lots of other changes that we don't need to deal with yet. In any case, when it comes to an end the series will be placed on a separate page that you can consult as needed.

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Rea said...

Glad to have found you again. Hope you get some cash flow going.