Saturday, 6 November 2010

Final piece of road finally finalizing

The last part of the entrance to the village, running from the deer roundabout down to the A-405 main road, is finally seeing an end to work that has taken several years to complete. New lighting was installed just the other day and plants were planted in the conatiners earlier this week. The work is part of a project that has changed the look of the main access road to Jimena. Whether it is an aesthetic improvement or not is an entirely subjective exercise we do not wish to enter into but it would depend on how much you like the 'new' Estepona. In any case, there is also work being carried out very nearby at what used to be the main access, the historical little bridge over the Arroyo García Bravo, which is destined to become what could be a very nice park if it is not overdone...

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