Thursday, 7 October 2010

Jorge and Juan's outrageous verdict in Morocco

LOS BARRIOS/TARIFA/MOROCCO/SPAIN Assumptions are dangerous things but we've assumed you've been following this story elsewhere (we have, on Sancho's Tilting at Windmills). To quote Sancho on the background: "On June 5 the two men from Los Barrios had gone fishing off Tarifa with Jorge’s son, David. They got lost in the fog, strayed to near the Moroccan shoreline, called the Spanish coastguard for help but were detained by a patrol from Morocco. Initially they were held for entering Morocco without the necessary paperwork and David was sent home. Then as a consignment of eight bales of hashish was found in the area of their rescue along with a Jet Ski they were charged with drug trafficking and sentence to three years in jail plus a fine." There's more (below) - and an outrageous sentence. As the poster says: "What if this was you?! WHERE ARE THE POLITICIANS? They are also Spanish." (We suggest you read more about this case on Tilting at Windmills.) This item is also published on CampoPulse.

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