Sunday, 3 October 2010

From our correspondent at Bar Alliolli's October Beer Fest

Did the bars and cafes of Jimena seem strangely quiet yesterday afternoon? This might have been due to all the 'usual suspects' heading down to the train station, taking the ticket man by surprise, and travelling on a full train to Jimera de Libar for Bar Alliolli's October Beer Fest. Real ale (and cider) lovers were a bit disapointed that there wasn't much British ale, however, after sampling the Danish variety soon cheered up. The music was rocking too, with Thifty Malone, Marcus and Sticky and the Poor Boys. We left on the 5 something train so don't know who was on later. I believe a VERY good time was had by all!!!  (Prospero Note: Thanks Wendy, but if drinking in what looks like an unfinished shed is anyone's idea of a good time, who are we to judge?  I know, there was a wonderful ambiance... Glad you all enjoyed it, though.) More pics below:>

The usual suspects
Marcus and Thrifty Malone

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