Saturday, 4 September 2010

Novena gets under way!

The kids loved it, especially Nuria Peña Pérez, who became this year's Queen once the cavalcade arrived at Plaza Práxedes Gómez having ridden around the streets of Estación in the company of her Ladies in Waiting. This was the beginning of an intense weeekend of festivities in honour of Jimena's patron saint, Our Lady Queen of the Angels, whose procession will bring things to an end on Sunday. Last night, too, was the 29th edition of our Flamenco Festival (which was supposed to have been presented by José María Macías, but who died very recently and who received a special, emotional tribute - and about which more later), as well as a series of other activities: SEE TODAY'S FULL PROGRAMME HERE. The full programme and that for horses and riders are only a click away on the sidebar. Use it!

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