Thursday, 9 September 2010

Last stretch of Avenida de los Deportes almost finished

Traffic this morning was a little more chaotic than usual at the entrance to Jimena village (okay, it isn't usually chaotic). The reason is that the stretch from the deer roundabout to the N-405 main road (photo) was getting its last bit of a makeover that began over a year ago. Asphalt was being laid to conclude work on thesurface itself. New street lamps have been installed, and new 'street furniture' such as benches and dustbins. The centre of the road includes flowerbeds that are scheduled to be planted soon. All this also marks the beginning of work on what is called a 'peri-urban park' on and around the bridge over the García Bravo stream, the original entrance to Jimena, to be carried out by the current employment scheme. With the completion of this last, work from the main square, Plaza de la Constitución, to the N-405 will have undergone what the Council calls a 'qualitative jump in respect of esthetics and environment'.

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