Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sticky night at Henrietta's

Wot a party at Henrietta's last night! It was hot and sticky, yes, but Melissa and Adelle at the drinks, Gonzalo at the barbecue and Sticky and The Poor Boys (Paul Alexander, vocals; Mark 'Sticky' Alexander, lead guitar & vocals; Stanley Muscat, lead guitar; and Trevor Emmett, bass) at the mike made for a great evening. Great blues, great rock, great evening! Lots of people, great mixture, young & not-so, locals & visitors - and yes, it is good to see Stik Cook, not his ghost, playing the cajón (box) in a couple of the photos (former Jimena residents, with a house here, he Christine and the twins are visiting briefly from Granada). Look out for this coming weekend, with a Flamenco evening at Henrietta's (more later) - and don't miss the Wednesday evening barbecues...

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