Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Jimena is Miss Universe 2010

Yes, you read that right. This year's Miss Universe is called Jimena Navarrete. She was Miss Mexico, and was crowned on Monday at the 59th edition of the pageant, held this year at the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas. In fact, Jimena is a fairly common name in Mexico, as you can see if you choose to waste time (as we have) by Googling the name... There's a very popular singer by that name, apparently, and a hurricane was called that last year. It is the name of the legendary mother of Bernardo de Carpio (no, not Di Caprio, silly), whoever that was, and Jimena Díaz was the wife of El Cid, of course. King Alfonso VI of Castile (c.1040 – 1109), called The Brave, had a mistress called Jimena Muñoz ... and then there's JimenaPulse, JimenArte, Holidays in Jimena, Jimena Property Listings ... Well, done, Jimena!

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