Tuesday, 8 June 2010

'Send in your favourite Spanish word' competition

(Press release) The Guadalinfo Centre of Jimena is celebrating Spanish Day (June 19) with a competition that consists of sending in your favourite Spanish word; it can be simply written, or a picture or even a video. 'Spell in Spanish' is a word game that challenges your knowledge of Spanish against other players in the municipality in a specific time frame. The rules are designed for three levels: Level A, Basic or initiation in the language; Level B, Intermediate or independent use; and Level C, Advanced or competent use of Spanish. Competition is therefore balanced according to your level. The idea is to promote interactivity among our residents as well as knowledge of the language. Send your favourite word to: http://www.guadalinfo.es/ficha_centro.php?id_centro=252. Spanish is one of the world's richest languages, spoken by 450 million people, and the official language of 21 countries. Find out more.>

Spanish on the Internet
  • Spanish is the second mother tongue in the world
  • The second language in international business communication
  • The third most used on Intenet
  • Spain, Mexico and Argentina are among the top 20 Internet users
  • The use of Spanish on Internet rose by 651% from 2000 to 2009
  • The number of documents in Spanish on the net is fourth among those in demand throughout the world


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PROSPERO said...

Interesting word, that. Aside from its common meaning, carrot, it also means 'someone slow, foolish, simple.' No, I didn't know that either but it explains why my father used to call other drivers 'CARROTS!!' when I was a child and not supposed to know how to swear properly.
It comes from the Spanish/Arabic safunnárya and the ancient Greek σταφυλίνη ἀγρία.
By the way, we don't like to publish anonymous comments, but yours is not offensive. We wonder, though, why you need to hide behind anonymity for such a simple thing as a carrot!