Monday, 10 May 2010

Hotel Henrietta opens in Jimena

What used to be the Hotel Jimena Real has become the Hotel Henrietta thanks to Melissa and Eoin, who are now running the two-star establishment. Yes, it's open! The photo (thank you, Currini) is of the sign that is now on the door, painted by Melissa.  The charming couple are artists; Eoin is an accomplished sculptor, painter, photographer, etc, and Melissa is very modest about her own accomplishments. Watch this space (and a renewed JimenArte) for a lot more on these two - and an answer to the question we all want to know: why Henrietta?

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Currini said...

Hola Alberto: No tienes que dar las gracias, la foto la hizo Juan Manuel Contreras pero no hay problema alguno. Tanto en mi blog como en el de Senderismo( Caminete de Luna) hay muchas fotos del hotel, son preciosas, si lo deseas puedes ursarlas a tu antojo,
Un abrazo