Monday, 5 April 2010

Nice time in Madrid

(E-mail) "We had a lovely few days in Madrid - however -if you are there, watch out for 2 charming ladies who rush up to you in the Plaza Major and give you a red carnation, tell you they are in a flamenco show later that morning, then ask you for an English penny for luck. Yes, I stupidly got my purse out and she managed to relieve me of the 150 euros that I had drawn from the hole in the wall the night before. I do remember she did touch the purse, but it wasn't in a threatening way and I thought nothing of it. Didn't realise untill later when I got the purse out again to pay for the lunch. Ah well, live and learn. It was still a good holiday! We loved this elephant sculpture and the vertical garden behind.Wendy" Thank you, Wendy! We asked our readers to send in their Easter wanderings - how was yours? (The vertical garden is on the side of the CaixaForum building and evidently worth a visit!)

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