Sunday, 11 April 2010

International School contract rescinded

A private, bilingual International School at Alcaidesa was supposed to open in September last year (photo: EuropaSur) but it was announced last week that the contract with the building company is to be rescinded because it had not been able to find finance for the project "due to the crisis." The matter was taken to a plenary session of La Línea Council for approval because the 14,410 m2 of public land on which the school was to be built had been ceded to the company. Such cession is therefore to be taken back. The original plan was for 300 students in all levels of schooling, a number that was later expanded to close to 1000. Plans included the latest in technology, as well as extensive play and sports areas. (This item also appears on CampoPulse. Have you missed anything there?)

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