Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Rain, rain, go away, and don't come back another day for at least a couple of years!

It's not as though we haven't seen enough rain lately ... but our good friend Phil Heinzl took some pretty good pictures of it near where he lives and around Marchenilla and La Adelfilla, one of which is no doubt the inspiration for somethng else he sent us recently (can you guess which picture?). If you have any pics, comments or anything else on the subject of recent weather, please feel free to vent your spleen by clicking on the word comments below. (Excuse us while we rub off the rust from our toes...)

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Tanya said...

A couple of these pics are taken within our boundary in Marchenilla, we have completely had enough of this and looking at the forecast its lasting another week or so. Could I please say a big thank you to Phil, Yvonne & Sarah for all there help and hard work in trying to save one of my horses but unfortunately she didn't make it through the night.