Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Geoff Hurst caught up in Spanish property deal scam

Football legend Sir Geoff Hurst is apparently caught up in a Spanish property scandal. The British press quotes him as being "full of remorse" and having been allegedly "used and abused" by the Royal Marbella Group, for whom he became a spokesperson and project ambassador. Hurst told the High Court on Monday that he had been deceived by a "cynical scheme" to con investors. Sir Geoff and his wife Lady Judith were apparently cheated out of an investment of almost €700,000 by the British business people behind the company, which he was also hired to promote. In the promotion for the project, Hurst, who appeared or allowed his name to be used in brochures and a DVD, was quoted as saying that he had found partners "who won't let me down." In five hours of testimony in the High Court, he admitted he had been "foolish." (See whole story on CampoPulse.)

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