Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Poor animals! These are truly horrendous pictures caused by recent storms

You are warned, they are honestly horrendous, taken by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. The animals concerned were the victims of floods in the Marchenilla area (we are waiting for more precise details, which we'll offer as soon as possible). Unusually, our tongue is nowhere near our cheek, and we apologize if we put you off your breakfast.>


Tanya said...

Could the person who took these photos report this to Seprona.. there main office is in Castellar, I am sure they will come and visit this site. I am absolutely appalled at this and may do a visit myself.

PROSPERO said...

Reply to Tanya. Photos have been sent to various media and organizations. If you know the Seprona phone number (let us have it if you do) maybe you could call and refer them to the pictures.