Thursday, 7 January 2010

Man dies in Tesorillo fire , possibly British

calle Ronda del Secanillo
(Agencies / File photo) Nobody called the fire brigade. Nobody saw any flames. But a 60 year old man was found dead in his home when his wife appeared in the street covered in soot on Wednesday morning. The man has not been identified but the woman is thought to be Scottish, though she is in La Línea Hospital where she was taken by ambulance suffering from severe shock. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but there is a strange story behind it.>
The 112 emergency service received a call at 11.30am yesterday, Wednesday, morning advising of a woman in Calle Ronda del Secanillo, covered in soot and obviously very nervous. The same person who alerted the fire brigade entered the home at number 34, to find the body of a man in a bedroom, where there had obviously been a fire. Emergency procedures were set in place immediately: 061 ambulance, Local Police, Guardia Civil and Fire Brigade. The latter were only able to ascertain that there had been a fire in the house but there were no flames to put out - only the consequences.

The medical team took the woman to hospital, where she remains under sedation. A unit of the Guardia Civil's Judicial Police took charge of the matter, and, after on site investigations were temporaily over, a duty judge eventually allowed the man's body to be taken for an autopsy. The authorities are not discarding any theories regarding the incident, which range from a possible suicide to a simple fire.

Andrés Beffa, Jimena Councillor for Security, pointed out that there had been no evidence of a fire on Tuesday night, and nobody had called the fire brigade. "The only thing we know is that there had very evidently been a fire in the house, judging by the state in which it was found," he said.
While investigations continue, the matter was the talk of everyone in the small village, where this kind of thing is a very rare occurrence.

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