Friday, 29 January 2010

Jimena primary school chosen to develop a nutrition campaign

The Reina de los Ángeles primary school in Jimena was chosen by the Junta, among 900 candidates in Andalucía, for the development of a campaign among children to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables. An explanatory circular has been issued by the school (image). JimenaPulse offers a translation/summary of it as follows.

The campaign, the aim of which is to promote a balanced diet and healthy eating habits, is to be developed among primary school children grades 1 to 6. It will unfold in two stages that will culminate in a 'fruit and vegetable week' at the school.>The first phase consists of offering specific information to all participants, including the children themselves, their families and teachers. Class activities will develop information on nutrition values and guide lines to be used not only at school but also at home.

The second phase is the 'fruit and vegetable week', whereby one of 12 mobile units set up by the Junta's Departments of Agriculture & Fishing, Health and Education will visit the school to provide it with fruit and vegetables to be distributed among the children over the following few days.
Each child will receive two rations of conventional fruit, a ration of Level IV fruit (washed, peeled, sliced or diced and cold-wrapped) and a 'dose' of 100% organic orange juice. Clementines, apples, pears, strawberries and melon, plus the orange juice, will be distributed and eaten outside normal eating times under the supervision of teachers.
Head eacher Juan Rondón has begun informing the school community about the benefits of the campaign and urges everyone to take part, specially at home. He points out "the importance of our school's participation in this kind of campaign, where a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits are the subject of promotion."

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