Sunday, 24 January 2010

It's Sunday - you gotta laugh!

This is an old one - but it features John Lennon's second appearance on Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's comedy show "Not only ... but also"  in a sketch in which Lennon played Dan, the doorman of a trendy nightclub ("The Ad-Lav") situated in an underground men's lavatory. John was filmed with Cook (cast as an American TV presenter) outside the entrance of the Gentlemen's public convenience on Broadwick Street, close to the junction with Berwick Street in the Soho area of London, on a quiet Sunday morning (November 27th, 1966). Sent in by a very prolific A Nonny Mouse - you know, Nonny, that's very naff nick, mate. But he has given us an idea for a new section that might, just might, be called Wrecked Wrinklies Wrap. 'Nuff naff.

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