Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Urgent and Extraordinary Plenary Session of Jimena Council

Further to our earlier item regarding the liquidity of the Treasury (PA: 'Jimena Treasury unable to pay December wages'), the Council has called an Urgent Extraordinary Plenary Session to deal with the matter. The time set is at 10am, which, according to the PA, "may not be attended by several opposition Councillors for obvious reasons." These, says the PA spokesperson, are principally because "many councillors have day jobs," though "if it was that urgent, [the session] could have been called for this evening, when they would all be able to be there." According to other sources on the Council, the session will seek approval for obtaining a substantial line of credit to pay for three months of Income Tax, Social Security and suppliers whose payment cannot be postponed. In a communiqué dated December 7th, the PA stated that the Council owes the water and cleaning company, ARCGISA, some €2 million, which is to paid at €10,000 per month until 2020.

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